University of Iowa
Evolution & the History of Life

Lab 5
Colonial Invertebrates

IV. Unknowns

F. Now you are ready to identify the three unknown specimens: You will need the specimens from box 14.
Question 10: Are the three unknown fossils (14 a, b, and c) stromatoporoids, corals, or bryozoans? Give reasons for your answers.

G. Here's a chance to apply what you have learned: Select the Newcastle site below and answer the question.
Question 11: Visit the University of Newcastle Rugose and Tabulate Coral Web site (it may look familiar from an earlier part of this lab). List the box numbers of the genera in lab 5 that are illustrated at the Newcastle site. For each box number on the list, briefly describe how the Newcastle specimens differ from the corresponding specimens in lab 5.

The End!

Be sure to hand your answers to all 11 questions in to your TA. You may write your answers on page 41-45 of your lab manual or on a separate piece of paper.

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