University of Iowa
Evolution & the History of Life

Lab 5
Colonial Invertebrates

Part I. Phylum Porifera (Sponges)
Subphylum: Stromatoporoidea

A. Read about sponges.

B. Look at the following link: Diagram of sponge with labelled parts

C. Optional-if you are interested, look at other sponge sites.

D. Read about stromatoporoids.

E. Know the common features of Stromatoporoids:

F. Look at the specimens from boxes 1 and 2:

These specimens are from the Subphylum Stromatoporoidea ("reticulum of vertical and horizontal rods"), Family Idiostromatidae.

Question 1: What differences (size, internal features) can you see between the stromatoporoids, Amphipora (box 1) and Idiostroma (box 2)?
G. Look at the specimens from box 3:

These specimens are also from the Subphylum Stromatoporoidea. However, the Family is Stromatoporoidae.
Question 2: Draw Stromatopora and label the vertical pillars, horizontal laminae, latilamellae/latilamina (growth bands), and astrorhizae. What overall shape (encrusting, massive, or branched) does this stromatoporoid have?


You are finished with Part I of the lab. Choose Part II, Part III, or Part IV from the choices below, if you have not yet completed these sections. 

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