NMITA Server Information

The University of Iowa Administrative Information Systems (AIS) group provides database and application development support for the University’s administrative information systems. Its services include application development, application integration, database management and administration, information access and decision support, and consulting for a variety of campus business units and departments. The AIS group has provided database modeling support for the Neogene Marine Biota of Tropical America (NMITA) database, and we are currently using an Oracle 9i Server and a Tomcat Server, which are hosted and administered by AIS. We are in the process of moving the applications from theTomcat Server to a new server, which will also be hosted and administered by AIS. We also eventually plan to transfer the current Web server in Budd’s lab [eusmilia.geology.uiowa.edu] to the new server.

Oracle 9i Server : [scone.its.uiowa.edu] IBM System-p 510 computer with two 1.6 GHz POWER5 CPUs and eight GB of RAM. Disk storage is on the AIS storage area network (SAN).

Tomcat Server : [rtweb.its.uiowa.edu/nmita] IBM x335 with two Intel Xeon 3.06 GHz processors and 2GB of RAM. A web interface to the data has been developed using Java-JSP-Struts technologies. XML web services have been developed using Apache-Axis with “message style” transactions.

New server: We have recently purchased a HP ProLiant DL385 Server, 2.4GHz, 2GB Memory, 2x 146.8GB Hard Drives (with funds from NSF DBI-0544235 ). We plan to migrate the NMITA Web and Tomcat Servers to this machine over the next year. We will share this machine with the Database and Web Servers for the UI Paleontology Repository Specify Database. In 2009, we propose to replace the HP ProLiant DL385 Server with an updated server, the funds for which are budgeted herein.

Last updated on August 2006 -afb.