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Manicina sp. E

Manicina sp. E

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Species Morphological Description:
Calice or valley width: very large (>15mm); Endothecal dissepiments: abundant; Wall development between buds: never; Calice relief: very high (>10mm); Epitheca: well-developed; Symmetry of bud geometry: multi-directional; Coenosteum: narrow (< valley width); Meander series sinuosity: straight; Attachment of skeleton: free-living; Septal spacing (per 5mm): <6; Relative septa thickness: equal; Relative costae thickness: equal; Paliform lobes: absent; Columella continuity: continuous; Columella width: <=1/4; Double or single wall: single; Colony size: medium (10-30cm); Calicular platform shape: u-shaped; Exothecal dissepiments: present; Number of septal cycles: >3; Continuity of costae: continuous; Septal lobes: present; Wall structure: parathecal;

Specimen Details:
Manicina sp. E
Specimen: nontype SUI 99644
Image Type: light
Image view: colony;

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Early Pliocene
Seroe Domi Formation.
       Salina St. Michiel, Curacao, south Caribbean.
Early Pliocene - Late Pliocene
Seroe Domi Formation.
       St. Michiel ridges, Curacao, south Caribbean.
Late Pliocene - Early Pleistocene
Seroe Domi Formation. St. Michiel seacliff, Curacao, south Caribbean.