NMITA:Neogene Marine Biota of Tropical America

Hoplostethus mediterraneus (Cuvier, 1829)

Specimen details:
Sample Number: PPP2563
Type Status: nontype
Scale Bar is 1 mm
Type: SEM
Orientation: mesial
Locality: Araya, Araya, Venezuela

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Morphologic Description:

    Otolith shape: oval, notched antero-dorsally;
    Ventral margin: rounded and slightly irregular, with two papillae at extremes, lost in eroded specimens;
    Sulcus acusticus: ostial, heterosulcoid;
    Posterior margin: slightly rounded and irregular;
    Excisura: moderate, notch shallow, angle acute;
    Antirostrum: small and rounded;
    Rostrum: short, broad and pointed;
    Ventral depression: absent;
    Dorsal depression: very shallow above cauda;
    Crista inferior: poorly developed along sulcus;
    Crista superior: eroded;
    Collum: absent;
    Ostio-caudal differentiation: ventrally constricted;
    Cauda: broad, with upward flex, narrows low colliculum lies along ventral margin;
    Ostium: oval;
    Pseudocolliculum: absent;
    Colliculum: heteromorph, well-defined, very low anterior colliculum, and posterior colliculum narrow lying ventrally;
    Dorsal margin sculpture: entire to slightly irregular;
    Thickness: moderately thin;
    Form: -Mesial flat;
    Dorsal margin: rounded;
    Form: -Lateral convex;
    Early Pliocene: Cubagua Fm., Araya, Venezuela;

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