NMITA: Neogene Marine Biota of Tropical America

Tool for identifying zooxanthellate coral genera

Check one state for each of the seven characters; missing values are not allowed.
Click on character state name for illustrations and definition of that state.
Use character states marked with * for demonstration purposes 
  1. Colony Form: The arrangement of corallites within a colony.

  2. Plocoid
    Meandroid *
  3. Colony Shape: The overall shape of a colony.

  4. Mostly massive or encrusting
    Mostly branching
    Mostly platy (one-side) *
  5. Budding: The position of newly budded corallites relative to the corallite wall.

  6. Mostly intramural *
    Mostly extramural
  7. Columella: The central axial structure within a corallite.

  8. Trabecular and continuous
    Trabecular and discontinuous *
    Unknown (Wall structure and lobes must also be coded as unknown)
  9. Corallite Size: The internal diameter of a corallite measured across the corallite center between inner wall margins.

  10. Small (<1.5 mm)
    Medium (1.5-10 mm) *
    Large (10-20 mm)
    Huge (>20 mm)
  11. Wall Structure: The skeletal structures forming the corallite wall.

  12. Mostly septothecal
    Mostly parathecal
    Synapticulothecal *
    Unknown (Columella and lobes must also be coded as unknown)
  13. Lobes: Vertical structures formed near the inner septal margins.

  14. Pali
    Paliform lobes
    Septal lobes
    No lobes *
    Unknown (Wall structure and columella must also be coded as unknown)

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    Last updated on October 24, 1996-afb.

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